Pjevana baština

About the multimedia

The multimedia project «A Heritage of Song», was initiated in order to preserve Croatia’s traditional musical heritage, especially traditional glagolitic church singing. For centuries, the Croatian people have developed their local traditions, costume, art, literature, drama and music, especially singing, in a distinct and unique way.


Through both the voices of the singers and the particular style in which these people sing one can sense both their everyday reality and the essence of their identity. Unfortunately, social changes have ushered in a new lifestyle characterized by a shift from rural to urban lifestyles, leading to the disappearance of folk customs, especially folk singing and liturgical music. Our intention is to record, produce, archive and present the entire corpus of music from the parishes. Through the (literal) part of this booklet we want to preserve and represent the history and way of singing of each particular parish. Through the audio-visual production (CD and DVD) our wish is to preserve and present these rare and traditional songs. Furthermore, we wish to encourage (the) younger generations to take an interest in folk and liturgical singing. It is important to emphasize that folk-liturgical singing (often referred to as glagolitic singing) represents a unique religious and cultural heritage and is recognized and esteemed as such by Croatian and international cultural élites.

The recording and production of this audio-visual project began in cooperation with the parishes and pastors, the diocese, Croatian radio-television, Orfej, the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore, the Croatian Academy of Arts and Science, the Croatian Composers’ Society and other public, educational and cultural institutes and individuals.

The graphic design theme of all of the multimedia projects falling under the heading of “Traditional glagolitic church singing in the diocese of Šibenik” is the same, but each one of them has been indvidualised through the use of different colors and detail unique to each parish. On the cover page embellishing all of our projects we have tried to present a rich spiritual singing heritage, one that providing a bulwark against all the difficulties of life on sea and rocky land: the characters of our ancestors carved in stone by Georgius Mathei Dalmaticus at Šibenik cathedral, the statue of the patron saint of the diocese of Šibenik, St. Michael, emblem of our Association. This picture, which indicates its specific features, also shows the parish church.

These editions demonstrate that the Croatian people recognize and appreciate true cultural value, and cherish and take pride in their heritage; they believe in God and His guidance. Long may it remain so and may this heritage be passed from father to son. Furthermore, the preservation of this heritage acknowledges the appreciation of those who have conserved and maintained church singing throughout history.

Pjevana baština