A Heritage of song

Glagolitic singing

research, documentation, promotion of Glagolitic singing heritage

About the association

Founded in 2005 and registered in Croatia, the Croatian cultural association “A Heritage of song” (HKU Pjevana baština) is a not-for-profit cultural association with its own statute and managing administration. The aims of the Association are the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage, especially Croatian song heritage and traditional glagolitic church singing.

About the Glagolitic singing

“The first Croatian neum manuscripts for church music date from the 11th century. The Osor Evangelistary (1080-1082) from the convent of st. Nikola in Osor (island of Cres) is written in beneventana, ornamented by Monte Cassino initials, and accompanied with old neums.

About the multimedia

The multimedia project «A Heritage of Song», was initiated in order to preserve Croatia’s traditional musical heritage, especially traditional glagolitic church singing. For centuries, the Croatian people have developed their local traditions, costume, art, literature, drama and music, especially singing, in a distinct and unique way.

Through both the voices of the singers and the particular style in which these people sing one can sense both their everyday reality and the essence of their identity. Unfortunately, social changes have ushered in a new lifestyle characterized by a shift from rural to urban lifestyles, leading to the disappearance of folk customs…